Wednesday, May 30, 2007

absolutely {LOVE} her

I was just visiting 2peas this afternoon and saw another layout posted by Ruth. I absolutely {LOVE} her. She is quite my inpiration. Her pages literally pop out at me!
A while back she was looking for baby photos to scrap so i sent in my baby love Sam, this is what she came up with:
Although i never did get the chance to hold this beauty in my hot little hands (a "little" USPS screw up..... a lost layout, a very sad me and, i'm sure, a VERY frustrated Ruth) i do keep this little picture sitting in my computer so i can bring it up occasionally.
Anyways, here she is on 2peas.
Take a look at her stuff, it's not your normal scrapping style, but so very much her own. I do want to someday be like her. Just to be in her brain when she's doing her creating... *SIGH*
here are some others i ABSOLUTELY LOVE:


Ruth said...

Girl, your post has me almost crying, must be the baby eh? thank you so much! And as far as the page protectors go, I don't really use them. I'm lucky to put pages in an album ever. I know right?

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