Monday, March 31, 2008

getting ready...

...for our annual Spring Fling Cyber crop over at The School of Scrap!

Head on over and join us!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter 2008

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Today was Monroe City's Easter Egg hunt.

The kids reluctently agreed to go to this one but were a little hesitant after going to the Richfield Snow College one, which was a complete bust in their opinion.

All the kids were split up in age ranges so i had kids split up across the whole park from corner to corner. Thankfully, unlike the Richfield hunt, i could look across the field and see the other two kids while i was with Sam.

It turned out to be quite a good hunt! The kids all got their baskets full enough that they felt it was worth it. And Sam, he was just tickled pink that his hunt was in the middle of the sand pile. I think he spent more time playing in the dirt then he did picking up candy. I finially had to start grabbing as much as i could before the older kids made their way into the kiddie part and stole all their candy.

Unfortunately these hunts don't last nearly long enough. We sat there longer, waiting for it to start than it did for the kids to sweep through the whole park picking it clean.

We sat in the grass for a while, letting the crowd split up a bit before walking home again.

I think Sam ate his weight in chocolate sitting there in the grass. He'd open one peice, take a bite and then throw it into the grass and go back for another peice.

The kids decided that next year they want to skip out on all the other easter egg hunts and just do the Monroe hunt.

Even Daylon, who thinks he's getting too old for these sort of things, decided that Monroe's hunt wasn't so bad.

Even the weather cooperated with us this year. It was a nice morning. Perfect sweater weather.

Lets just hope that it'll be that good Saterday!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

more scrappy goodness

do you remember this little gem?

the double layout i did for Lori's LSS?

Take a look at this! ---> Memory Mania Online Blog

It's the winner of their Masterpeice Challenge to promote their new Masterpeice sketch book. How's that for a big ol' shock to the system???

$100 worth of scrappy supplies mailed straight to me!!!!!!! WHOOOHOOOOO!

Granted it'll be scrappy product that they pick out and send to me but how can a person go wrong?

I'm sooo incredibly happy and shocked i won. But even more happy that the pictures in the winning layout are no longer lost! and they are finially scrapped! Another set of pictures marked as "scrapped"!

And... I got my goodies for my Guest DT gig for Oasis today! The yummy yummy CherryArte Boy Story line! I can't wait to start using it! Totally makes you want to get all the lines! Super fun papers!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday random-ness

*Quiet. The kids are at school and Sam is sleeping so very peacefully and yet i have no ambition to do anything. Not the TV, nor the computer (although, here i am), or even a nap. Not even scrap. What is the world coming to.

*Tomarrow. The kids last day of school for a week. I don't think i can last.

*Found. Lots of hiding spots for clothes that a certain bug doesn't want to throw in any of the various laundry hampers throughout the house including every bathroom and every bedroom.

*New. About 12 more loads of laundry - see above post

*Eye-opener. @ the slow realization that painting my walls to my house is coming LOTS sooner than one had hoped. What makes me think that? bubbling, peeling paint..... already. And without water damage. Must say something about our wonderful painters we hired out when we built the house... 4 YEARS AGO! (if you would like a pointer on who NOT to hire, give me a ring)

*Wonder. why my hair is already turning grey? Hmmm... must have to do with the above in some sort of way.

*Newly discovered. Old pictures from my mom and dad's early wedded years. It's been fun seeing family resemblences in them.

*Best 5 minutes spent. Learning a new photoshop trick! super easy and great results every time! What could be better than that?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

some scrappin' goodness

I thought i'd update with my scrappy progress. (click on the pictures to enlarge)

This one is the newest one. I finished it up last night and then let it sit overnight to let the stickles and glossy accents dry. I did this one for a sketch CT call. I'm actually kinda proud of myself on this one. I totally mixed up patterned paper on this one. Something i have the hardest time doing. Used lots of odds and ends from different manufactures. Turned out pretty good!

I took the journaling off of Kim's latest layout. It says: My prayer for you is a dream big enought to capture your heart, bright enough to illuminate your mind, and deep enough to satisfy your spirit. May you find the strength to pursue it and be enriched by it across the years.

This one i submitted with the one above it, just because i absolutely LOVE this one. Daylon took this picture a year or two ago and it's one of my absolute all time favorites.
This one i did for a combined challenge for over at TSoS and at Oasis. Turned out pretty good. It's a OLD picture of DarRell and I while we were a college dating. I used the song "you got lucky" by Tom Petty for the title. I also used a sketch from PencilLines (i think) on this one too. I'm really into multi-tasking lately, can you tell?

I totally swiped this layout idea off of someone from the internet. I don't even know who and i'm not even sure where i saw it (i'm thinking 2peas, but then again... i'm sure it wasn't). LOVED the title so i couldn't wait to use it. And while i was at it, i took the whole layout and made it mine. I did add a extra picture or two, but if you saw them side by side, you'd be able to tell that i TOTALLY swiped it.

This is my February month in review (12 for 12). It mostly focuses on my grandmother's funeral and the sickies plaguing our family

I have more to share but i'll put that in a new post... which will be soon.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

of course...

turns out Sam is allergic to this last round of antibiotics. Friday afternoon, he broke out in a terrible rash from the back of his ears clear down to his groin. It was so bad that it they started to get little blistery heads on them and our first thought was that the little turd had picked up chicken pox from somewhere. Somehow we got our doc on the phone after hours (because fridays they take off early... of course) and she confirmed that it was indeed a bad allergic reaction to his antibiotics and had us take him off them immediately and got a prescription for another antibiotic that he's been on before.

I had noticed him stumbling around the first night after he was on the new antibiotics but didn't think much of it. In fact it was almost kinda humorous watching him walk and stumble around. It wasn't so bad that he couldn't function, just bad enough that walking was a hit and miss thing. I just figured that his equilibrium was way off since he was sporting a pretty bad ear infection. I had also blown off the fact that he wasn't acting himself or eating like normal for the same reason. Apparently those are also symptoms (at least the dizzy part) of a allergic reaction.

So. Now he's back to himself again... at least for a while. The antibiotics seem to be working well. He's stopped picking at his ears. He's able to walk in a straight line. He's back to his happy self and is eating well again. Now if we can just get him to sleep again, we'll be back in business.

The weather is starting to warm up again so I'm hoping that the sickies are on their way out for good. The kids have been playing outside for the last couple of days until its so dark that we have to go round them up and force them indoors again. I guess that is one of the great benefits of living here. We don't have to worry about the kids being out late... we know where they are.

Friday, March 7, 2008

catch up...

We got Sam in to see the doctor. He is sporting another ear infection. She said its red clear through his canal. So he's on another 12 days of anitboidics. One of these days we are going to kick whatever he's got going on in that poor little body of his.

Scrapping goodness for the last month:

9 layouts and 7 cards. I wasn't very productive in February. But in my defence, we were so incredibly sick in February so it was a miracle that i got anything done.

I was chosen to be on Scrapbook Oasis DT as a guest for March. I'm super excited about it!!!

Lots going on over at The School of Scrap. Lots of behind the scenes remodeling going on so don't be alarmed. We are still there!
and on the home front....
Anyone who knows me and expecially those who've seen me in person, know that i have a severe case of Rosacia going on. I went to go see the dermatologist yesterday and they've got me started on a regiment of antiboidics (5 months!) and topical ointments to help take away the redness and bumps/swelling. Not looking forward to waiting a couple of months to see the improvment but i can't live with it anymore. It's hard to even go out in public sometimes and get the stares. SOOO.... hopefully by the time i hit 34 my face will look like it did before i had Daylon. Those were the good days... at least in regards to my skin.

and for those wondering about DarRell. No, he's not quiting the plumbing biz. He's still plumbing away!


I am the Guest DT memeber over at Scrapbook Oasis for March! I totally love it!!! Great place!!! And it's good to be back with my pal Robs!

anyways... here's by blog challenge over at Oasis (and one i kinda stole from Jayme):

*Where did you meet your husband? at College
*What was the first thing you said to your husband? no... (he was asking if anyone was sitting next to me... I think)
*Where was your first date? hmmmm...... i don't think we had a actual "date". We more like just hung out together after/between classes
*Where was your first kiss? I can't remember for the life of me! Probably at my apartment
*Where did you get married? his hometown, in a church
*How long have you been married? 13 years
*How long did you date? 2 1/2 years
*Long or short engagement? 5 months
*How old is he? 38
*Who eats more? eak... I do
*Who said I love you first? i probably did
*Who is taller? he is
*Who sings better? he does... i can't carry a tune in a bucket
*Who is smarter? he is... but i'm more street smart, i think
*Whose temper is worse? mine, definately
*Who does the laundry? i do
*Who does the dishes? we both do
*Who pays the bills? i do
*Who mows the lawn? i do and actually look forward to it
*Who cooks dinner? i do about 70% of the time
*Who drives when you are together? he does
*Who is more stubborn? i am
*Whose parents do you see the most? his... we live next door to them
*Who proposed? he did
*Who has more friends? it's a toss up... we both have a few good friends. Mine just happen to be "online"
*Who has more siblings? he does by far!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

the mints have landed...

and so have the Samoas and even the All Abouts!!! I'm a happy woman!

YES, the Girl Scout Cookies have arrived. When they dropped them off, i asked them if that was all i ordered. I couldn't believe it. I must have been delirious or something at the moment that i ordered because i had only ordered 4 boxes. No, not four boxes of each... four boxes TOTAL. *SIGH* I'm going to have to make these four boxes last till next year. Better go make some room in my freezer.

And, on the home front. I REALLY thought we were out of the woods this time. I REALLY REALLY REALLY believed it.

I was wrong... so very wrong.

Sam has been sporting another fever. A 103.7 fever. That broke early this morning but then it turned to vomiting. No fun. I'm just hoping it's because of the empty stomach because through the whole fever thing last night, he was eating pretty good. Even this morning after he emptied his tummy a couple of times (at 5:00 in the morning... talk about a early start to the day), he sat down and ate cereal with his dad. He's kept it all down so far. He is a bit whiny and clingy so I'm not sure exactly how he's feeling. I'm hoping he's just VERY sleepy but he won't sleep. I'm sure it's going to be a VERY VERY long day.

and a prospect that may turn to good news...
DarRell came home yesterday saying that perhaps, just maybe, he might have found something he may enjoy doing. I'll leave it at that, but I'm excited that he's so excited! And it just may lead to a better life all around.