Monday, April 9, 2007

AHHH... Easter

I think I can honestly say that Easter is one of my favorite holidays. It didn't used to be. In fact, Easter wasn't anything special growing up. We got Easter baskets on Easter morning but that was the extent of Easter. Once i got married, i fell in love with Easter. I could really do without the chaos of it all but it definitely is one holiday i look forward to. This year was no exception. It was CHAOTIC! I guess it didn't help with life being as it is right now. General everyday life is quite stressful right now, and i really don't see it getting any less stressful anytime soon. Add in a couple dozen more people and it's bound to get beyond stressful.

Easter went off as it usually does though. Our annual Easter Saterday celebration usually starts out with hurt feelings because someone wasn't invited (we've been doing this forever... and to tell you the truth... i've never been "invited" myself!). We spend all morning long playing phone tag with everyone else about when we are going up and who needs to take what, etc. Every year it's the same thing but every year it seems like a surprise to everyone. I'm just surprised that after 30+ years that everyone doesn't have it figured out yet (insert the rolling eyes here). All in all, it was a great time. The kids got their campfire, they rolled their eggs, and they had their easter egg hunt... and truthfully, that's all that matters!


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