Sunday, April 22, 2007

i've been getting some scrap on... finially!

AHHHHH - can i tell you how great it is to finially get something done? It really helps when there is no interuptions in the house. It's amazing what can get done when i don't have a tv blaring or kids running in screaming "MOM HE'S BEING MEAN", and then, that of course wakes up the baby. It's a viscious circle. But, DarRell took Sam and Daylon out for a boys day out yesterday afternoon, and Rianne was playing over at Ali's all day long so I had a good 3 or more hours just to myself! I was finially able to finish up my School Of Scrap DT layouts from our wonderful and generous sponcer, Club Scrap!

I can't tell you how wonderful this kit is!!! I received the Rhapsody kit. The first thing i did when i opened my package was oogle at the paper! This is my first time ever playing with Club Scrap. I've been sitting on the fence trying to decide if i want to take out a subscription with them or not. This kit is certainly making it harder to say no. The paper is to die for! It is ALL textured! And it picks up ink like a dream! So far i've only done six layouts from this kit. I've got enough left over to do at least six more, but i'm thinking probably enough for a dozen more maybe. And they have these cool badge holders that i REALLY want to make a mini album out of. My absolute favorite paper in this kit was the yellow patterned paper and the cream patterned paper. I scrapped some of my absolute favorite pictures of Rianne with those two papers!

I've been dying to scrap these pictures of Rianne when she was a baby. The cream patterned paper totally worked with these pictures. The work really well with the pictures without distracting. I was trying my hand at some funky sewing. Not sure i can pull it off though.

This is the left page of a two pager. I've been dying to scrap these for years (she was 6 months old in these pictures and she's now 5 1/2 years old!). I loved the flowers on this yellow patterened paper and i knew exactly what pictures i wanted to use the moment i layed eyes on it. I took the basic layout straight from their "Assembly Line" article in their ScrapRap newsletter they sent with every kit. Boy does that ever stretch your paper out!

This is the second page of the two page layout. I beleive i used every picture they took of her in these two pages. See the inking???? I LOVE IT! This paper picks up the ink in all the right places like a dream! I get all giddy inside when i think of all the inking i can do with this textured paper!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out the versitilty of this kit! I even did a halloween layout from this exact kit! The orange in this kit is so rich! It's not a "in your face" orange. It's kinda muted and totally worked perfect for my baby Sam's pictures we took of him at halloween time!

<------ Check it out! More inking! Doesn't that totally rock! I absolutely LOVE these pictures of Daylon when he was a little guy (ok - he's still a little guy but he's not three anymore). Now i've got proof that he actually ate porkchops! Which until now, he's never beleived us!

I love how this paper works with everything. It's so versitile! The orange picked up the orange basketball in his shirt perfectly without over-powering everything.

Here's the second page of the one up above. I just love this layout as a whole. The blue paper has a pattern on it that i though would work great with the spraying water. I think it worked great! That blue paper did a great job at making the pictures pop! The tanslucent paper they had in the kit worked great at matting the one picture to make it stand out.

Now that i have !SIX! great ClubScrap layouts under my belt, i'm off to work somemore with this great paper!



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You totally RAWKED these layouts girlie!!!!

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