Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First day of school

They've been waiting for this day for weeks now. Oddly enough, they couldn't wait to get back to school.

Rianne is beyond excited to start 1st grade. She already met her teacher last Friday and is excited to get started. She is already above average in reading and is reading at a 2nd grade level (holy cow! can that be possible???).

Daylon is excited to be in 5th grade, if only because he will have his first male teacher. Well, that and he gets to see all his school friends again. I'm hoping this year won't be a huge struggle for him again.

I've got mixed feelings on the school front. It'll be nice not having to get after them to do the simplest of chores. No more "i'm bored" and "he/she's being mean" and the screaming and yellling and running through the house. Things will stay in place for longer than 2 minutes at a time. I just might be able to get used to this again. But i will miss having them around. They are great intertainment most times. But now it will be easier to get back to a schedule. And no big distractions when it comes to Sam and his schedule. He can have the one-on-one time he demands to have at all times.

This is Sam when he woke up this morning. There was nobody here. DarRell had left for work and the kids had gone to school. He was so incredibly sad. Totally broke my heart as he cried and called out for Daylon (ayon) and Rianne (iyon).

Turns out school was a total hit! Rianne came home still happy that she's a FIRST GRADER!!!

Daylon is glad to be back to school. But being the worry-wort he is, he ended up with a belly-ache all morning long. I'm guessing the nerves got the best of him. He toughed it out though, what a trooper.


Kim said...

WHOHOOOOOOOOOOO lets hear it for school & routine!!! poor Sam tho! I know the little ones here are looking fwd to not sharing LOL

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