Thursday, August 28, 2008

the flooring has landed!!! WHOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

ok - it's been here a while but we had to finish up getting the kids rooms finished and help them get settled into their own rooms before we started laying it. And considering that DarRell also works a full time job, there isn't much time to put it down before the kids need to be in bed, usually only about a hour or two after dinner and all. So it's taking us a bit longer than we'd hope.

We ended up NOT getting the bamboo as planned, but ended up putting in wood. This is called Heritage Oak. We made a ABSOLUTE killing off it. It ended up being much cheaper to put this in than carpet so i figured that i'd better give a little if i wanted to stay on everyone's good side. And, i do like it, so i can't complain much.

We were wanting to get it done most of the way last night but, it turns out that our sink and the cabinents were finished, so we went to go pick them up so that we'd have them when we wanted them. Tonight is out of the question since we have all night long soccer games again. Good thing it's a long weekend. It'll definately be done by the weekend! WHEW!!!

This is my view looking down the stairs to the basement. It looks really nice. I can't wait to get it finished and get moved in. That will be a bit longer than we hope, i'm sure. But we can see the end in sight.


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Woohoo! Jo! Your floor's lookin' gorgeous!

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