Sunday, April 5, 2009

One More Mile

One More Mile Running has these cool shirts.
They are made out of this wick-lite diamond knit fabric.
It's super light and stretchy and soft.
Even better is the slogans they put on their shirts.
Here are a few i like:
This one is pretty good too!
and my all time favorite....
I'm thinking I might want to get that one for my 5 mile run in July.
For a chance to win one, enter here at Shrinking Jeans.


Marla B said...

Joey-you are talking more like a runner-you better be careful or you will find yourself running a half're getting closer and closer to walking into RUNNERS WORLD.... hehe. keep finding shirts and websites like this, and proof-running more than 5 miles! its a great life. 2010 next half marathon for me.

Maria said...

You're planning on running the 5 mile milk run? me too! i've wanted to do it every year for like the past 10 years. i think i might actually be able to do it this year!!!!!
btw - awesome shirts.
my fave is the "does this shirt make my butt look fast"

Jessica, Skippy and the Crew said...

They are so funny. I like the kick asphalt and If found on ground... If you do let me know. I might want one and we could split the shipping.

Anonymous said...

I love these shirts. I think I might get one for my half marathon.

Anonymous said...

I love these shirts. I think I might get one for my half marathon.

Heather said...

OK, I want one...I guess I must have missed you coming to get me to go running with you...You need to knock louder (though I know you are not knocking at all)..Get your healthy butt over here and motivate me would ya? Heather

MichelleStrachan said...

Hey Jolynn. How are ya? Cool shirts, and congrats on your fitness program! Hey, where did you get that wire and clip set up for displaying your scrappy pages? And where can I find a photo of your wall? Thinking of doing the same thing. Thanks!

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