Thursday, July 16, 2009

Capitol Gorge

One of Daylon's birthday wishes was to go hiking back up to Capitol Reef. I have to admit, it was as much my wish as it was his. I love Capitol Reef and have plans to go back and do as many as the hikes as i possible can with the kids in tow, and then do as many as i can when they aren't.
This time we went on the Capitol Gorge trail.
I had hear a lot about this one and since it was one of the easier trails, we thought we could tackle it pretty easily. However, it was HOT and there was NO shade at all. It was still quite amazing anyways. Sheer rock walls on either side. Petroglyphs if you were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of them. The Pioneer Register was interesting but the modern day graffiti over the top of it all really took away from it. But the highlight of the trip and the reason why we went on this hike in the first place was the "tanks".

They were REALLY cool.
And they would have been more amazing if the tanks were really full.

There were three tanks in all (or at least that was all we could find).
The first tank we came to was almost dry. It was sustaining life for a few tadpoles.

Second tank we came to was fuller and took a little tiny bit of scrambling around to get to the top part of it.
This tank was chuck full of tadpoles. The kids LOVED looking at them.

Third tank we came to we had to climb down lower to get to it.
It was harder to find but was completely amazing. It would have been even more of an awesome sight if they were all completely was an awesome sight to look down into them
(and i would have loved to have jumped in them if they weren't so gross and could actually find a way out of it once you got into it)

Looking down into the lower tanks from above.
(top is the lower larger tank, it emptied into a smaller tank and then ran through a bridge into more crevise like tanks)

DarRell climbed up to the lower tanks from the bottom of the canyon since we couldn't get into them from the top.

All in all, it was an ok hike. It would have been SO much more enjoyable if it weren't so hot. Obviously July and August are not the months to go hiking up there. However, come September when the orchards are ready to be havested, we are going to go up for another easy hike with the kids and then get our fill of fruit.

Next hikes on our list:
*Surprise Canyon
*Headquarters Canyon

and then, if there is ever a chance to go without the kids:
*Sulpher Creek
*Cassidy Arch Trail


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