Thursday, July 16, 2009

Daylon's 11th Birthday

Boy has he ever grown up.

We had a really small get together Pool Party for him on his birthday which ended up being even a MUCH smaller get together than we had planned for. I guess that is one of the hazards of having a weekday birthday party.

He didn't ask for much this year and we were able to fulfill all of his birthday wishes this year:
*Hiking in Capitol Reef - we enjoyed it the weekend before his birthday
*Go to the afternoon movie to watch Monsters vs. Aliens - It turned out that they had the matinee on his birthday so it made his day a little bit extra special
*a lava lamp
*Bedtime Stories DVD

He also got $25, a "Got Dirt" John Deer t-shirt, and a few books.

...and not once did he complain that he wasn't having fun or that it wasn't the best party ever.
You gotta love that kid


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