Tuesday, April 27, 2010

doing a little fixing up in my scraproom...

and i'm REALLY needing to get my ideas all in one place.  So here we go....

from here:  funky junk interiors
I kind of want to have doors or something of the like on my scrapbook room.  Something i can leave open when i want to but something i can use to close it off when i have a lot of kids running around downstairs or to just block off the mess in there. 

LOVE LOVE LOVE the look of these and they would be very functionable, and totally fits in with our tastes.

...and how about this!
combined with this: 
from here: knock-off wood      Thinking that this would be perfect in my scrapbook room.  I really like the double shelves and absolutely LOVE the sink in it too.  my room is already set up for a sink, we have the sink, and we even have the faucet.  Now i just need a table to put it on!  I could get rid of some of those wire cubes that i have stuff stored in and use the shelves on the table... Nice huh?

and that towelbar in the front!  DUH! i would have never thought of that!


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