Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter felt different this year. 
I'm not sure why. 
It seemed to come too fast and by the time i warmed up to it, it was gone just as fast. 
Maybe it has to do with the fact that i've been pre-occupied with school that i feel like i can't keep up with the daily stuff that's happening around me. 

Regardless, it was nice to share Easter with Taylor, Jared and Quintin. 
I just love that bunch.

We did the typical Saturday-before-Easter-Sunday thing.
We headed to the foothills to BBQ, shoot clay pigeons, have a easter egg hunt, and roll eggs down the hill.
It was cold, which is nothing new, but the wind made for some great kite flying and bubble blowing.

A few things to note:
*Daylon has sadly hit that age where he's considered too old to hunt for easter eggs. 
*On the other hand, Daylon has also hit that age where he can, without my freaking out, participate in the clay pigeon shoot... and hold his own.
*Rianne, being one of the VERY few girls in the family, has a huge advantage over the boys and easter goodies, namely easter plush toys.  Boys don't like girly toys... well most of them. 
*Rianne and Jayden are attached at the hip, and i can't be more thankful for that.  Rianne really needs some girl influence in her life and Jayden was my miricle this weekend.  (thank you Jayme)
*Sam and Quintin might as well be brothers.  They have a great love/hate relationship going on there.  Sadly, at this moment, Sam is heartbroken that Quintin is gone.
*For Easter, I bought myself a tulip plant.  I've decided that I really love flowers, regardless if some people think they are a waste of money.  It's nice to see a happy, sunny spot in my house. 
(...and i've decided that i'd really like a pussy willow.  I've forgotten how amazing they are)


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