Monday, March 12, 2007

I was reading a blog a few days ago that mentioned a place where you could create your own little self-inking stamp. Not being able to stand the curiosity, i went and had a looksie for myself. I came up with this little gem:

wouldn't this be the coolest thing ever to document your scrapbook pages?
I'm really considering buying it. With everything said and done, it's just shy of $19.00 minus shipping and handling. Maybe it's just because it has my name on it or maybe because i just love to spend, but it just seems like so professional, doesn't it? But, like i have anything to be professional about anyways. I've always said that i do my scrapbooking for myself and nobody else... i totally stick by that. But don't you just love the little plate in the middle where you can put the date or something? i just LOVE it!

On another note... Did i mention that i cut my hair? Yup, i did. And when i say "i cut my hair..." i mean... "I" really did cut my hair. Like, as in me getting out the hair clippers, throwing on the longest foot in the kit (which so happened to be a 1" foot), start shaving my hair by starting in the middle of my head, get what i can by myself and then having DarRell finish the job. Really, it's not as bad as it sounds. No, i'm not crazy, and i didn't do a Britney Spears off-the-deep-end hair cut. I just seriously needed a trim. I've done it before. Why didn't i go and have it professionally done? Well... my hair has been super short most my life. I HATE to go get my hair cut, so when i do get around to getting a haircut, it's usually long. I just don't ever know how i want cut and it usually turns out blah, and i hate paying for something that just turns out "Blah". So when i do go in and get it professionally cut, i tell them i want it SHORT. Every time, they have refused to cut it as short as i want it. And it's not like i'm cutting it unreasonably short. What i want is something managable and something that looks good on me. But, i guess that since i come in with long hair and i want it all chopped off they are scared that i won't be happy with it or that if i'm unhappy with it, i'll sue them or something. Ya.... WHATEVER! So now, instead of doing it that way... i do it my way... and honestly, it doesn't look bad at all. It takes a few days to get used to but i like it.

Here, judge for yourself.
Let me know what you think.
Too short?
Does it look like i did my own butcher job?
here is one for comparision:
DarRell finially says he prefers the short hair over the long hair expecailly when it's REALLY long. He says that long hair just doesn't fit me.


Rachel said...

It looks great Jo! But oh my, I would never have enough nerve to cut mine myself.

Marci said...

Jo I LOVE your hair! I know what you meant about never getting anyone to cut it short enough...I've had my hair all lengths and when I go in with it loooong and want a big change they never do it!!

Love the stamp, too...oh, and you have one of my fave songs on your blog!

Robs said...

LOVE THE STAMP and the haircut is stunning but I've always LOVED your hairstyle.....GORGEOUS!!!! Off to check out your layouts!

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