Sunday, March 25, 2007

Talk? apparently it's over-rated

My husband, i'm sure, would totally agree with that. He's one to talk in circles. You know what i'm talking about. You ask a question, and you sit for 20 minutes as they talk on and on about something that you don't even have a clue how it came up and you still don't even catch a glimps of a answer. UUUGHHH.... yup, i think he got that from his dad... DEFINATELY! To every question, there is no answer but a dozen or more questions, and then they are angry that you ask again. If he's not talking in circles, then it must be a yes or no question........ which, as i was talking about earlier, there is no answer. So... i've decided, who needs to talk.

With that being said, i'm not saying anything more, but posting the last couple of layouts I've done. They are a bit different but, they are done...... and not so horribley bad.

And before i stop talking, because apparently it's over-rated, i do have to say... i'm so in love...


can you tell i've been watching me some Antonio Banderas?



purplefrog said...

I would have to agree on the fact that talk is over-rated-- right now I do not wish to talk to my Dh-- and really do not want tohear anything he has to say-- hope things get better on your end-- love the layouts-- they look fantastic

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