Saturday, March 3, 2007

{inspiration} and such

You know how they say that you can find inspiration every where you look? I TOTALLY believe that. Just look around you and see what you are missing. My greatest source of inspiration? Take a wild guess... I'll wait. Give up? Ok - I'll tell you... WAL-MART!!! Who knew that Wal-Mart of all places would be my source of inspiration (although i'm betting Target would have better inspiration. If only i had one even remotely close-by)? I honestly ache to go there when I'm feeling down. It feeds my need to shop but i love to go just to look at stuff. I've seriously thought about taking my camera with me and snapping pictures of what inspires me, what grabs my attention. I imagine that they would ban me from Wal-Mart if i did that. Imagine them dragging me out screaming and fighting.... EAK - not a pretty sight. So... instead of standing the chance of being banned, i go from isle to isle fondling everything.

For instance... I just LOVE these underwear:

I saw them and HAD to have them. Not because i needed them by any means but because the colors just jumped out at me. I HAD to have them so i could...

ok don't laugh at me or think I'm off my rocker...

so i could touch them. Take them out of their package and fondle them. It is crazy because it's not like i could feel the colors or anything. But, in all honesty, I bought them so i had them for reference. I LOVE the color combinations. It's so so Elsie feeling to me and i envy her work till it makes me crazy in the head. How crazy is that???? Honestly! Buying underwear because the are a pretty color... you'd think i was a 16 year old again!

Here's more inspiration I've found:

aren't these this the cutest little shirt and pants ever? i bought them for Rianne because i thought they were just so awesome. But do you want to know my first thought when i saw them hanging on the rack? "OOOOOHHH! that would look really awesome in a layout!". That very thought sealed my fate... into the shopping cart without a second thought. Crazy, I know. But who could pass that up? Look at the texture! The bling! The colors! I totally wish they had it all in my size!

here's a few other victims of my search for inspiration:

another killer shirt where my first thought was how i could incorporate it into a layout

the top to a bottle of sunflower seeds... totally reminds me of those BG holy cow rub-ons:

And i actually bought this shirt for Sam not only because the colors are just yummy but because of the great quote on it. I knew that i would never be able to remember it when i need it so i bought it so i could go back to it when i wanted it.
check out the quote on this shirt:

"Be yourself, don't ever let anybody change your ways.
Always follow the right path even if doing so, will not please the ones around you.
Try to help others in need, what you do today will help you in the future."

Such a deep thought for it being a shirt for a baby!

and how is this for inspiration!

it's the new ad inspiration from marketing class at School Of Scrap. Elisa really brought her game! Isn't this the most inspiring thing you've ever seen?! I want this as a poster on my wall in my scrap room. Who cares that it's a liquor ad. Who would have known??? It took me forever to even figure out that it was one! I was totally enthralled in the fact that there was so much in it that i loved that i couldn't pry my eyes off of it. Every time i look at it i see more stuff that i didn't see the time before. I could just sit here and look at it forever. It's love at first sight.


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