Thursday, July 17, 2008

I got a phone call this afternoon. The phone call.

My dear friend, Steve, has passed away. He's always been a absent part of my life, but always there. We've kept in touch off and on throughout our 20 year "relationship".

I hate that this is where it ends.

These pictures are so very old of him (us). It was the good ol' high school days.

Rest in Peace Steve. I'll miss you.

*Chris, thank you SO much for calling me and letting me know. I'm so glad that someone thought enough of me and our relationship to let me know. It means the world. And thank you so much for just talking with me.

I'll most likely be heading out tomorrow night. His viewing is tomorrow evening and his funeral is Saturday afternoon.

I need to be there.
My friends need me there.


Kim said...

HUGS JO! its so hard to lose a friend!!

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