Monday, July 7, 2008

T-ball and the end of another season

Baseball season is over with. It seems like it was hardly even here. Of course withthe little T-ballers there isn't much of a season anyways.

I about died when i got Rianne's pictures back. Her team picture was taken before we got her hair cut. It really made me miss her long locks *SIGH*.

These pictures are from her last game (june 25th).

They had a big pizza party afterwards complete with trophies and their own little baseball to practice with. Their coaches put together the cutest little memory book for each of the kids. They were full of pictures taken of them playing throughout the season. Definately a keepsake. Their coaches rocked!

Hopefully next year Rianne will be excited to play again. Next year will be coach pitch. Hopefully she won't drop out like Daylon did. I kinda like to watch my kids at play sport functions.


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