Thursday, January 15, 2009


Yes, i just did do that. I'm going to make myself accountable. I'm completely serious about doing this. Because, seriously, i'm tied at my highest weight EVER. That even includes every time i was pregnant (but, i'm thinking that doesn't really count since pregnancy and i don't get along very well. Pregnancy always seems to kill my body). But... there it is. And i just want to put it out there, that this isn't just about loosing the weight. I realize it isn't all about how much i weight, but it's about how i feel. But somehow, the two seem to go hand in hand don't they.

I've been at it "seriously" for two weeks straight (not being serious about it, i've been at it for a few months). That means doing some kind of something to get me moving and getting my heart rate up (love that Wii fit! Although i feel a bit retarted sometimes not being able to do the strengh training. I am that out of shape). I've been eating with the right mind frame(although at times not all good foods go into my mouth). I've been drinking water. LOTS of water.

Today i went out and purchased me a scale that actually works (thus the title of my post). It was getting frustrating seeing my weight jump all over the place with my old scales, and that's just from stepping off and getting right back on. That, and i KNEW that my bathroom scales were just plain off. The proof is in the difference between my scales and the doctors office scales. Sure, i know there will be a slight difference, but 7-10lbs is just crazy. I decided that if i'm going to do this right, i'm going to do it right all the way around.

So now that it's out for the world, i'm hoping that this is going to be a great for motivation. Hopefully there'll be enough people out there calling me out on it.


Kim said...

YAY JO!!!!!!! wtg! you are my idol b/c I am not posting mine LOL

Ness said...

Jolynn, Krista just gave me the link to your blog (hope you don't mind) She did the weight watchers. She could help you out. Just by changing a few of the things we eat normally Dave and I lost some weight. Now he's doing the P90X diet (which I don't recommend, he's going to kill himself working out 1 hour or more a night.) But changing a few simple things you eat daily like which bread you eat etc. actually helped us a little right away. Just a thought. P.S. my blog is
I just started it but I'm putting you on my blog list because you're right nobody knows anything about anyone else in the family :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there Joey
I have been doing weight training and walking on a treed mill type thing and doing some wieght watchers and at first I gained 2 pounds, then a week later I lost the 2 plus 3, so both go together, keep on trying, I am well pleased with your work, and when I get below 200 pounds then I will think of broadcasting my weight.
Love Mom

Marla B said...

You Can Do It! Don't overwhelm yourself with all the change you "should" do. just try one or two things a week or so. It will take some time to get the weight off. It will take weeks before you notice 2.2 miles isn't soo bad on the treadmill. Get a good sports bra (I don't have much cleavage so that's not soo important for me), and investing in good shoes isn't bad. find a race to run, and DO IT. Can't wait to see/hear of your progress!

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