Monday, January 19, 2009

YAY!!!!!!!!!! off to the championships!

The boys won their single elimination game on Saturday and now they move onto the championship game on Thursday. They have never won against this team so I'm sure it'll be another loss for them but it should be a really good game.
Daylon gets to play against a few of his buddies so I'm sure it'll just be a chat session for him but the rest of his team is going to work their hardest I'm sure (have i mentioned that Daylon just isn't the best in sports?).
Daylon's team, minus one kid.
... and the tall one in the middle... he totally kicks some basketball butt!
that kid is GOOD!
And the coach.......... is the woman! how cool is that?
Her hubby is the assistant coach but takes the reins when he's able to make it to the games.
They are GREAT coaches!


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