Monday, January 5, 2009

Resolution revisitied...

I keep telling myself that I'm not a really big fan of new year resolutions, and every year I commit to not making any. But deep down inside I ALWAYS make them. Those typical ones that i always choose like loosing weight, getting rid of debt and being a better mother and wife. And every year, it's the same. I never make it to those resolutions and i call myself a looser for not having any self control and structure for those stupid resolutions that i really never even made in the first place (out loud anyways).

Last year was different. Last year I did this. Last year i chose the word Manage. I resolved to manage a few areas in my life. Most of it was my typical resolutions, but i had a few others in mind. Like getting serious about getting my rosasia under control (which also meant finding some way to juggle around bills and such to come up with enough money to see the dermatologist on a regular basis and the $$ i needed to keep me in stock with the meds i needed to take for it). And for the first 6-7 months of the year, i treated it like it was any other stupid new years resolution and failed miserably at it. Then by about mid July to early August something just hit me, i got back into gear. I not only sat down and worked out a budget that showed me how soon i could pay off my debt if i just stuck to it, but i showed it to DarRell and together we tweaked it a bit more. I went and saw my dermatologist and got my Rosasia under control for a while. I totally have slacked off on it because my dermatologist was killed in a freak airplane accident. As far as i know, he was the only dermatologist here and he was only here twice a month. I realize that i can go to my GP, but after the advise i got last time from him, I'm not too savvy on going back for it. And although i don't look like I'm loosing weight. I'm not gaining either. This is after the huge gain i had over the last 2 years so its going to take a lot to get it off again. But I've managed to keep my binging under control especially during the holiday season. And apparently it's worked cause over the last 3 months I've lost 5 lbs. It might only be 5 measly pounds that doesn't even show but it's a start, and for right now, that's all that counts.

So, going back to what i was saying earlier... This one little word this seems to be working better than anything else I've done so far. This year I've decided to do it again. I want to keep my old word because i still have a LOT of managing to do this year. But i needed to refresh my take on it again. So this year I've chosen ReThink. It's time to re-think things over again. I need to rethink all my choices so that i make. I'm determined to make better choices for me and those around me. So far, it's working. I still have all my previous resolutions hanging over me that I'm still plugging along with and i am making progress with them. And perhaps i will find more along the way later this year, but for now, I'm happy with my old resolutions. I still want to loose weight, i still want to get out of debt, i still want to be a better mother/wife and i still want to get my Rosacia under control. Of course it's only the 5th and things are still new and shiny. But I'm proud to say that I'm still feeling motivated from the progress i made during the latter part of last year.

So here's to the old (Manage) and to the new (ReThink) and may it be a year of change!


Jessica, Skippy and the Crew said...

Jo, that is funny you chose a word. I did when I wrote my list. Mine is finnish, because I have 3-4 unfinished projects. Good luck!

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