Thursday, March 5, 2009

it's a loss

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

Yesterday at the Sisterhood was the end of the first week of a three week weightloss challenge. I weighed in yesterday mornng (even though this morning is my "official" weight-in for WW) and I am proud to shout out a 2.2lb loss! Whoohooo! I was actually quite shocked to see the loss (and one of the biggest weekly losses i've had) considering i used EVERY weekly point i had and never worked out once.

On another note, when i weighed in for WW this morning, i hit my 5% goal weight. The 5% goal means I've lost just under 10lbs since starting exactly 6 weeks ago, and a total of almost 12lbs since the first of January. The 5% goal also means that my daily points have dropped *EAK*!

Also, on the Sisterhood, they are having a recipe carnival. I haven't gotten any recipes that are low cal/low fat/low whatever, but here is my favorite meal:

Homemade Pizzas

*1 Flatout bread - i like to use the multi-grain w/flax - 1pt (depending on the different flavors available, it can range between one to two points for WW)
*1/4 cup pizza sauce - i use Contadina brand and 1/4 cup is almost too much - 0pt
*1/3 pizza blend cheese - 2pt
*sliced tomato - 0pt
*mushroom - 0pt
*1 cup chopped artichokes (I LOVE artichokes... and a lot of them) - 1pt
*1 tsp olive oil - 1pt
*baby greens or spinich - 0pt
*chopped chicken breast - about 1/2 breast - 1.5pt

Pop it in the toaster oven till crisp.
Total WW points: 6.5
it also checks off: 1 dairy, 1 oil, and approx. 4 veggies


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Christy M. said...

Way to go on the weightloss! It's kinda crazy how eating and not working out equals weightloss, but that's the way it works sometimes!

Your recipe sounds delish! I love the Flat Out breads and will have to try using them to make pizzas!

Kim said...

YAY!!!!!!!!! JO!!! wtg girl! YOu had me worried w/your title LOL

I need to figure out a recipe to post... thanks for sharing yours!

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