Monday, March 2, 2009

True Confessions Monday

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

* I have refrained from weighing myself all week long. I'm looking for that genuine surprise on weigh-in day whether it be a gain or a loss (please be a loss, please be a loss, please be a loss...)

* I had dinner with our wonderful neighbors last night. It was really good for the soul

* Speaking of good for the soul... so was the girls night out last week. I miss having girlfriends. Thanks Heather and Loraine!

* I've been staying within my WW points pretty well but i feel like I've been cheating by going into my weekly points every day.

* I haven't exercised for nearly a week. I just can't find the motivation

* My "big" pants are fitting loose now. That makes me so happy

* I'm afraid that now that my "big" pants loose, I'm going to start slacking more

* I've been really bad getting in my water every day... even for WW standards

* I have a new found love for bananas (and apples and grapes... MMMM, thanks Heather. The fruit salad was a hit!)

* I found out that planning my dinner first and then working my WW points around that makes for staying within my points much easier

* I spent double on groceries last month trying to put more fresh fruits and veggies and healthier foods into our diet

* Did I mention that eating healthier is more expensive?

* My goal this month (besides loosing weight) is to cut our food bill back down to budget


aprilshowrs78 said...

I LOVED the day my "big" jeans were loose!! Great job! And eating healthier is more expensive! Good luck on trying to work in healthier eating and cutting the food bill back!

Erin said...
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Christy M. said...

Yeah, that was me who deleted the above comment! I was logged in as Erin because I just redid her blog! Sorry!

Here's my comment:
Unfortunately eating healthy is more expensive! I've found that cutting out things like pre-packaged snacks and buying fruit helps some with the grocery budget. Also take into consideration that you're cooking at home alot more, so some of your dining out budget could be shifted. Also, I don't buy as many snacks on the run, like when I stop at the gas station, so that cuts back on miscellaneous spending.

Congrats on the "big" jeans getting loose. It's a great feeling!!

Heather said...

You are my inspiration....I must apologize for the way off diet dinner on Sunday. We will have to have a weight watchers friendly dinner one of these days! We loved having you guys and hope to do it again really soon! Heather

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