Sunday, June 28, 2009

i love it when other people take pictures of my kids...

I love that Maria always has her camera with her when she comes down. She's always catching the kids when i just don't feel like taking pictures... and then i steal the pictures from her LOL.
My absolulte favorite one she took of Rianne this weekend.
I just love that crinkled up nose when she smiles.

...and she's got the cutest belly laugh (when she's not faking it)

Sam finding a mud hole
...and taking advantage of it.

Love Love Love this close-up of him.
He's totally in his element.Wanting to give his dad some loves but dad not wanting to get muddy LOL

No pictures of Daylon but he's been kinda hormonal lately.
I guess he's just at that age right now... sigh


Kim said...

ADORABLE & AMAZING photos!!! don't worry about D missing some photos.. he has a few yrs on the other 2 anyway :) thanks for posting.. was getting worried about ya!

Heather said...

What absolutely amazing pics! She should be a professional. I feel a scrapbook day coming on! Feel free to invite me! H

heidi yale said...

just love the pics jo. they look so professional. miss you all.

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