Sunday, June 14, 2009


so many things going on through my head...

*I'm kinda loving these days when hubby is gone out of town working and taking a kid with him. For some reason the stress level goes down with only two kids instead of three.

*i feel REALLY guilty for thinking the above.

*i REALLY miss having my friends around. I've gone too long without seeing any of them and decided that i didn't really need friends. After all, i have a family that takes up my time. Now that I've seen them and hung out a bit with them, i realize i miss them VERY much. I hate living so far away from them, especially my best-ies. Life doesn't seem complete without them.

*Sadly, I'm such a homebody. I'd much rather stay home then go out... that is, until i actually go out, then i don't want to come back home.

*As much as i love the summer, i don't really look forward to July much. There is so much going on and it never seems to slow down enough for me/us to enjoy it.

*I hate feeling jealous... especially when i have no absolute reason to be jealous. Even the opposite.

*Yes, i am quite selfish. I'm working on it. Or rather, working on not being so selfish.

*I feel like people give me more credit than what i deserve. I feel like i have a lot to live up to. However, i don't think that is necessarily a bad thing sometimes. It at least keeps me responsible.

*Responsibility keeps me from doing a lot of stuff in my life that i think i want to. By the time i feel like i will be able to do them, it may be too late or I'll be too old to enjoy them.

*I'm nowhere where i thought i would be. But, to a point, that's a good thing. Now if i could just have the best of both worlds...

And a few things on my to-do list:
~ watch Australia so i can send it back for another great movie. And re-watch a few favorites.
~ get off my behind and get on the elliptical. My body knows what it wants but my brain is fighting it... well, except for when it comes to food... darn body is winning out on that one.
~ catch up on the piles of laundry again... before hubby and daughter get home and it piles up again.
~ make out a new budget... it's time to change things up again.
~ stop chickening out and finally hang some pictures in my house. It's been almost 6 years? and I'm still scared to put a hole in the new walls
~ under no circumstances, let Sam's nap time be wasted away with stuff i have to do. I need to spend some time doing stuff i want to do... like enjoying scrapbooking again.
~ finish my library book before i have to take it back again.


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Ness said...

Do you do any digital scrapbooking or is it all hands on? I find I can't do the hands on w/ the kids as young as they are and have started doing digital scrapbooking. It's really quick and there's a lot of free stuff out there for it but I'm not sure how to go about getting them printed out.

darl_jo said...

it's all hands on stuff. Sam is the only one who gets into anything anymore and he's good to keep his hands off most of my stuff as long as he can play with something.

I've tried doing digital but it's just not as fulfilling for me

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