Monday, June 15, 2009

Science is Magic

SUU puts on this really awesome Science Camp during the summer for kids 4th through 6th grade. We were lucky to get to go thanks to Heather asking if Daylon wanted to go with Kyle. I had never heard of this before but obviously its a HUGE thing, and spots fill up SUPER fast. I can totally see why after seeing all the awesome stuff these kids got to do.

Daylon's favorites were:

*Dr. McKay's chemistry lab magic show ~ apparently chemistry has never been so awesome! Lots of amazing stuff like starting things on fire, lots of dry ice, and even more fire. Ok... that that was the main idea i got out of it all. BUT... he learned tons from it. He's wanting to do all these experiments he learned from Dr. McKay.

*Fossil Mountain ~ find your own fossils, what's cooler than that?

*Making Volcanos ~ they never got pictures of his groups volcano. From what i understood, it took off fast and hard and there was nothing left of it LOL

*Playing with Electricity ~ they got zapped... and zapped good LOL.

*Dancing Flames ~ Daylon is determined to make a set-up of his own. "Mom, all you need is a long pipe with holes in it, a propane tank, rubber gloves covering the ends, speakers, and fire. It's REALLY awesome" His words exactly. LOL

*Mammoth Cave ~ pretty self explanatory. Boys loves caves (and the girls too!). Heck! I love caves too!

Other things they did there:

water testing


campfires stories

more science magic

He made great friends...

...and he's promicing to go back next year, he had THAT much fun!

...and what comes out of his mouth non-stop now:
Science Is Magic

and nothing melts my heart right now as much as knowing that my son is having so much fun learning about science.


Jess said...

I may need more information about this...

Kim said...

THAT IS AWESOME!!!! how did you get pics?

darl_jo said...

we bought the video that they put together and i just took screenshots of the pictures i wanted. I wish they had just the pictures too... that would have been great.

Heather said...

This was really something wasn't it? I am glad they got to go! H

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