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2009 in Pictures

2009 was a year of firsts... a lot of firsts
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We started a new family night activity. Every Friday is Movie night. We pull out the hide away bed, throw in a movie and spend the night vegging in front of the tv.

I vowed to lose weight and joined Weight Watchers.

We started potty training Sam

Daylon tried basketball, and loved it, even though he was there more for the social aspect then the sport aspect.


Sam became 100% potty trained!!!

I continued the weight loss journey, and found out what worked for me and what didn't

I scrapbooked, and i was proud of it


Rianne out-fished her dad, and it rocked! (and we did it in short sleeve shirts at the river in March!)

Decided that eating healthy is expensive!!! WHOA!

Maria became my fitness idol

We enjoyed the Sportsman Expo this year. That's something we've never done before!


Easter up Poverty. It was a great day for flying kites... and it was cold

Daylon participated in his last PineWood derby

I decided that i was going to run in the July 24th Milk Run... and then never did


Sam turned three! He was really into trains... and firetrucks of course

My bestie, Kathleen, graduated from The University of Pheonix with a double Bachalors Degree! She became my inspiration

The kids started summer break.

Daylon and Rianne danced in their year end recital... and rocked it

Celebrated Memorial Day weekend with 90% of DarRell's family

I hit the 15lb loss mark in May... and a MAJOR platau


We decided to get out more and do more things this year. One of our favorite places to go was Capitol Reef. Hickman Bridge was our first hike, and so far, our favorite.

Daylon spent a few days at Science Camp in Cedar City. Another first for him... and us


Daylon turned 11

We moved out friday night movie night outside. I loved that

The 4th of July was spent doing our usual 4th of July stuff

We spent time in the pool and night sleeping out on the trampoline

The McDonald family reunion (if you can call it that) ended up being over the 24th of July. And ended up being a CRAZY time for us with our usual 24th of July fireman duties

Kaye and two of her kids spent some time with us. One of my favorite things this year!

I turned 35 without much notice, which was a bit of a bummer

We lost our Pudge. Our first dog which also happened to be our first baby. 14 1/2 years (which translated into something like 101 years old in dog years) he'd been with us. We still miss him

We spent more time outside visiting Capitol Reef

Grandpa Mac did Daylon's Arrow of Light Ceremony. It was completely awesome!


The kids headed back to school. Daylon started the 6th grade in Middle School, Rianne in 2nd grade, and we started sycking up Sam for pre-school

We enjoyed a State park close to home... REALLY close to home. The Fremont Indian State Park


Sam started pre-school. It's been REALLY hard for him having us dropping him off every week

More of the Fremont Indian State Park

The kids, minus Sam, spent Labor Day Weekend with Maria and Justin. They say it's our gift to them, but we really think it's their gift to us. We all got to go see Thanksgiving Point. I think i loved it more than anyone else

I started school at Western Governors University to get my Bachelors Degree in Business Management

Rianne's soccer season wrapped up

I hit my lowest weight of the year with 27lbs lost, which is just over half of what i wanted to lose overall


I fell off the weight loss wagon

More time spent at Capitol Reef


I fell off the blogger wagon and never got back on the weight loss wagon

We bought a used piano so that Daylon could practice better


We stuck around home for Thanksgiving with most of DarRell's family down

We went and cut down our Christmas tree the weekend of Thanksgiving... always a nice tradition
I completely fell off the blogging wagon and it took off without me


We attended the Monroe City light ceremony and saw Santa Clause. First time ever with the kids (now thats pretty sad).

We had a lot of snow this year so the kids spent a ton of time outside in it

We celebrated Rianne's 8th birthday in Tooele with family. We decided to go bowling and had a great time

The ward Christmas party where the kids saw santa AGAIN!

Daylon played in the school band and danced for his Middle School Christmas program

CHRISTMAS! of course

The kids got to hang out with their best friends, The Erickson's, for a day while they were down visiting from Montana

My dad's and DarRell's mom both had their birthdays

DarRell and I celebrated 15 years of marriage on New Years Eve and then spent the night eating crab and steak with the firemen

Spent the last 3 months gaining back 7lbs


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