Wednesday, January 20, 2010

40 looks pretty darn good

We celebrated DarRell's 40th birthday yesterday.  It was nothing big, just a little family get together.  I had this huge idea of making it some kind a big bash but when it came down to it, dreaming it was a lot easier than actually doing it.

I did make sure that we celebrated though.    We invited family, because it was just a small bash... and when you invite family, small is actually large.  I did the whole "over the hill" stuff complete with 40 black balloons and black cake with the 40 black candles. 
All in all, it was good. I hope he enjoyed it. And personally, I'm SO glad it's over with... talk about pressure!

And, I thought I'd never say this but...

40 looks good.
REALLY good!

Yes, I think it does!


Kim said...

so sweet!!! I love how you love him!!

Debbie said...

Happy birthday!!! Everything looks fabulous! What a great party :)

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