Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Water, Imagination, Warm Fuzzies

1) Water.
As I strive to drink down my 96+ oz of water daily, I think of those in Haiti and their lack of clean drinkable water, among other things. (and my friend, who's words are now constantly ringing in my head, when i think of her visit to Haiti and the terrible living conditions.  Her heart is breaking from the terrible news in Haiti, where she and her family adopted their son from and wonder if those they know are alive or dead) as i wash my family's laundry, clean our dishes, and bathe my children.  I feel privledged to be in a place where our basic needs are, quite often, taken for granted. 

2) Imagination.
While sitting back minding my own business, I overhear a converation Sam is having with himself between two blanket bears (one is white and actually belongs to Rianne.  The other a blue bear rattle blanket.  I intend to stow both away when he grows tired of them).  Turns out, that 1) the three year old has got quite the imagination, and, 2) by the sounds of it, we've got to do a little less of the demanding and a little bit more of the nice talking. 

3) Warm Fuzzies.
Tonight, while warming up some cheesey garlic bread in the oven, the smell brought in lots of warm, fuzzy feel-goods.  If only I could bottle those feel-goods and open them up on my rainy days.


Kim said...

GREAT POST JO!!! I too think of Haiti every time I fill my water bottle & run water. AHHHH gotta love the good feelings that accompany SMELLS of food :)

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