Tuesday, February 27, 2007

ever have one of those days when you just need to sit down and have a good cry? I mean a really GOOD cry. I'm really having one of those days.

It seems as though everything is hitting me at once. I just want to go crawl in bed and disappear for a while. Not because i'm sad (although I can't really truefully say that because ignoring it isn't making it go away), but just because everything just seems too much to handle as of lately. You just want the world to stop just for a minute, but it just keeps on going and going and sometime it feels like it just goes faster. Everything is just flashhing through my head... my good times, my bad, my just in-betweeners. I just need to regroup a little bit. I need to sit back and let it take me over.

I ask me why i haven't yet. I can't, at least not the way i want to. I have a life that continues to move forward when i don't want to. I have children to depend on me who do not understand the need for me to just break down for a minute. That's it. Everything else can sit on the back burner but my children can't. So, here i sit, trying to hold it together. Because this is my release right now. And i guess it'll have to do and i'll survive through it all.


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