Monday, February 4, 2008

final diagnosis... RSV and Phenmonia

Sam had a follow-up doctor's appointment today. We got the rest of his diagnosis. His RSV test came back and he does have RSV. Our doctor said that the majority of the phenmonia cases in babies right now are caused from RSV so i guess it was no surprise to them. They said we were quite lucky to not having to be hospitalized. We were hoping we could drop the oxygen after today but his oxygen levels are still not up where they want them yet so we are still on a rubber tube leash for at least a few more days. We go back again Wednesday after his last dosage of antiboidics.

The good news is that he is starting to feel much better. He started to finially come out of his funk last night. He is still very clingy but he started talking and smiling yesterday. It's been so long since he's actually smiled that i had almost forgotten what it was like. I can't tell you how happy i am to see him smile again. Even that little glimmer of a smile in his eyes makes me feel like we are back on the mend finially. In fact, he was in such a good mood yesterday that i took advantage of it and cut his hair.

These are a few pictures that we took in the exam room while we were waiting for the doc to come in. And, yes, i do carry a point and shoot camera in my purse/bag. I love having my camera around for all those times i wish i had it. Today it came in good use keeping Sam busy while we waiting.


Kim said...

so sorry to hear about it all but yet glad you are one of the few out of the hospital & that he's smiling again!!! I was going to ask about his hair & then you answered it b4 i could ask :) looks so BIG BOY!!

Susan's 365 said...

Nothing like a double whammy for your little man. Hope he continues to perk up more and that he's off oxygen soon.


Robs said...

BUMMER!!! Little Manny went thru this too when he was 4 months and then again last SUCKS and now he has asthma because of it. THey're hoping he'll grow out of it. PRAYERS that Sam will bounce right back!!

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