Friday, February 1, 2008

a turn for the worse

After a long night of his cough getting gradually worse, his breathing getting more shallow and being unable to keep his temperature under 102 while maxed out on meds, DarRell took Sam in to see the doc bright and early this morning to wait until they had a small opening.

They thought he might have croup but decided to rule out RSV and phenmonia by taking chest x-rays and a "snot" sample. Tests all came back saying that he did have phenomnia. They had to give him a steroid shot to open up his lungs more, put him on oxygen and gave him a shot of mega-dose antiboidics. After monitering him for a couple hours, they let him come home but he has to be on oxygen 24/7

I'm so glad to say that after the super-dose of anitboidics, his temperature has FINIALLY broke. He wants to eat again which in itself is great but he only wants oreos and m&m's (Pssttt...... Maria! green ones! He's addicted now! He LOVES them! LOLOL. The other two kids are convinced that his ears are thoroughly cleaned out) so he's not too happy with us since we won't let him gorge himself on them. We finially let him back on a little milk again since he's finially keeping all his food down again. But we are taking it slow since he hasn't eaten hardly anything but water since Sunday when all this started coming on. He hates his oxygen and i can't say i blame him. It's a royal pain in the butt to drag the hose around the house and it absolutely bugs his nose. He spends most of his time fighting with us trying to tear it off. He's started getting up and walking around again. Again, something he hasn't done a whole lot of for nearly a week. Poor little guy staggers around, falls and tips over like he's a drunken bum. He's gone from being lethargic and clingy to being whiny and clingy and just plain not happy unless you are standing up and holding him. It may turn out to be a few VERY long nights (as if we haven't been sleeping already) for us since he's not sleeping well now that he's feeling a little bit better. And did i mention that the oxygen is bugging him something feirce? Apparently having a tube wrapped around your little head, blowing air up your nose is rather uncomfortable and makes sleep nearly impossible.

We take him back to see the doc on Monday. Here's hoping the anitboidics do their job and finially kick this crud right out of him. I'm so ready for a break in the sickies. We all are. And bless DarRell's soul for being such the strong sweetheart he is by putting up with a paranoid, blubbery and very worried mommy while also comforting his sick little baby. It's enough to just melt my heart. And if i wasn't still such a blubbery mess i'd be able to tell him how much that means to me without having to have a translator.


Susan's 365 said...

Poor baby. I sure hope the antibiotics kick in quickly. Give him a gentle hug from me.


Robs said...

Oh honey I am so sorry! Hopefully they'll get him right by today!

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