Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Grandma's funeral

We left friday right after the kids got out of school to head up north to my grandmothers funeral. I went to the viewing friday evening with my mom and oldest sister. It was nice. Grandma didn't look like grandma but she looked good, expecially considering all she went through in her last days. Amazingly her hair went from grey/white back to her natural color... very strange but that is what made her look more like hereself than some stranger in a box. The family drama was high Friday evening.

It was quite a awkward experience seeing family that i haven't seen, in some cases, for many many many years. Weird that we still all acted like absolute strangers to each other even. Only one of my cousins came up and talked with me like old days (thanks Mickey). I guess for the most part we were all strangers growing up anyways so i guess it shouldn't be so strange. I spent most of my childhood away from the extended family. Me more-so than the rest of my siblings.
Mom handled everything VERY well. I guess she just "gets" it. I don't know how that makes it any easier but somehow she handled it so much better than anyone else.

Saterday morning my baby sister flew in for the day with her baby to go to the funeral. I haven't seen her since Sam was only a few months old. I got to see her little (big) man. He's such a doll!

We spent the morning/afternoon with family at the viewing. It was super tough to see the casket closed. Rianne REALLY had a rough time at that part. Totally broke my heart and made me regret taking the kids (although i didn't have much of a choice).

I got to see Ray and his boys. I miss him so much. It was great seeing him and i know we won't see him again for a long time. He was one of the pallbearers for the graveside.

It was a beautiful graveside service. It was a site to see the grandboys (most of them anyways) carry her casket across the snow.

We had a family luncheon after the graveside. All the grandchildren were given savings bonds that grandma had made out for each of us. It was a very nice surprise. Each of Grandma's children were given a bag that included her last will and a few odds and ends that grandma put together before she passed away. I'm guessing that she's been waiting for this to happen for quite some time. All the grandchildren got to take home a vase full of flowers from her services. It was a very nice idea. I like the idea of being able to enjoy the flowers instead of the thought of them dying away at the graveside.

All in all it was a good service. I really enjoyed seeing my family again. I really miss my brother and sisters. And i hate the fact that we never get to see eachother.


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