Tuesday, February 26, 2008

we will never get better...

Just when i think we are doing ok and are on the mend, someone gets sick again. There has been someone in our house sick... since January. DarRell and I held out until this last trip that we took to Tooele. The night we got home i got some nasty tummy bug that had me down for 5 straight days. I guess one good thing about a tummy bug is that it gives you a upper hand on dieting for a few days. Nobody else got that one, thank goodness. The rest of us (including me now) have been battleing a nasty cold. Sam has been sick non-stop now since the middle of January. It feels like we have a newborn in the house again cause NOBODY is getting any sleep. Poor DarRell is just a walking zombie. Sam doesn't want anyone but him, expecially at night. So needless to say, DarRell's nights are longer than his days lately.
I haven't been doing a lot scrappy wise. I think i've only done three layouts in the last few weeks.
(*hinkt - click on the pictures to enlarge them)

This one i did for Lori. I submitted it to her LSS for a sketch contest they are having. The dead-line is in a few days so i'm glad that i got it done and submitted. And i'm super lucky to even have these pictures! My disks that i had all of July pictures on were misteriously erased. It totally made me sick. But when i was looking through my camera memory cards to make room for Grandma's funeral, i found the whole set again!!!!!! WHEW! Apparently i hadn't erased my memory card when i got the pictures put to disk... what a luck break. Of all the pictures to loose, this set was the hardest. It had all of the 4th of july on it (fireworks, parade and Fish Lake photos), Daylon's birthday, 24th of July photos of when Mike and Kristin were down from California, the kids first day of school, Sam's first big steps, and our new dog! Luckly i had scrapped about 70% of them but Daylon's birthday was one of them that i hadn't scrapped yet... along with the 24th of july and Fish Lake.

I decided i needed a change of pace and started on some 2008 photos. What better photos to scrap then DarRell's birthday photos. I think the only other photos i have of 2008 are of sick times or of sad times anyways.

I was cleaning off my computer table and found this puzzle from Rianne from the first day of school (I know what you are saying... Yes... my computer table is the catch-all of the house. This is the place we put everything when we just don't know where to put it but still want to keep it) I thought i'd scrap it so that i could have it in a safe place. I thought Rianne was going to come undone. She did not like the idea of me scrapping her puzzle. Of course, i won out but she's still pouting over it.


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LOVE the one from DarRel's party!!

SO SWEET of you to scrap her puzzle-she'll love it someday too :)

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