Friday, April 18, 2008


It seems that i only write to announce that my son, once again, is sick. Or it just may be that he's always sick. Either way... he is SICK again!

He had this HUGE lump on his neck. The night before we visited the doc AGAIN, it was the size of a silver dollar. The next morning.... it was the size of a baseball! The poor kid looked terrible. He acted fine but just the sheer size of it was frightening. After ANOTHER doc visit (i swear they should name a room after the poor kid... SAM'S room - LOL), a consultation with another doctor because the lump was SO huge, and a visit to the hospital lab where they held him down and drew blood out of his arm, it turns out he has a RAGING inflammatory infection somewhere in his body. They put him on ANOTHER regimen of antibiotics and told us to wait it out over the weekend. If it got worse, to rush him to the ER and to take him back today for ANOTHER blood test.

So here we are today. The lump has gone down by quite a bit. It's still there but Sam doesn't look like a freak of nature anymore. The trip to the lab for the blood test turned out to be worse than the first time. We sat down and he started screaming for his dear life. They hadn't even touched him before big crocodile tears started streaming down his face. They got blood the first try (WHEW!) and we were out of there quite fast. Now we play the waiting game. I'm thinking he's on the mend, but only the test will tell for sure. They tell us the lump will be there for a couple of weeks though.

Other news.... hmmmm......

Saturday was Daylon's pinewood derby. He took third place. He missed 2nd place by the skin of his teeth. And we were SOOOO glad he didn't take 1st (the regional pinewood derby's are so chaotic). We are quite proud of him though. He did most of the car by himself this year. And i do have to say that it turned out quite cool!
The school year is starting to come to a close. The kids can feel it. Rianne is beyond excited to have summer come because next year she goes to 1st grade. Crazy thought but i KNOW it'll be hard to say goodbye to school for the summer, and especially goodbye to her teacher... who by the way, is completely AWESOME!

Scrapping has slowed down a bit. The weather has warmed up and its getting harder and harder to find time to sneak downstairs to play with my papers and pictures. I have gotten a little bit done though. Here are a few of my favorites so far from this month:

4th of July Fireworks:
one of the few batches of pictures i have left of last year to scrap (i think). I had a really hard time picking through all the pictures of Sam watching the fireworks. He loved them but the pictures say otherwise. And the picture of Daylon playing with the sparklers is one of my ABSOLUTE favorites of all time. I wish i could have gotten some good ones of Rianne but that is the best one i got.

Happy New Years or NOT!:

LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of Rianne, Tory and Daylon that Maria took. The expressions on their face is just priceless. And i'm so glad that someone took pictures on New Years Eve cause i didn't (and never do). Slowly catching up on all those pictures from last year. Hopefully when those are done, i can continue to catch up on all those years i haven't gotten done yet..... all those other 8+ years (because i want to eventually want to be caught up to Daylon).


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