Friday, April 25, 2008

guilty pleasures

It's pretty sad when a person works their schedule around primetime entertainment. Don't those people just drive you crazy? They would rather watch TV than anything else. Don't tell anyone but... I'm SO guilty. I'm calling the kettle black. I'm one of THOSE people.

Here is my schedule:

Mondays: This day is usually a hit or miss day. I could miss it but it'd still break my heart to miss Big Bang Theory. And now that House is back on... I really hate to miss that too. Two and a Half Men can take a back seat since they are both on at the same time.

Tuesday: Nothing on that floats my boat

Wednesdays: Boston Legal. Which was on Tuesdays but is now on Wednesdays. Definately one of those shows i hate to miss.

This is the days of all days. I literally can't wait for thursdays. It starts out with Survivor AND Ugly Betty. Since they are both on at the same time, i save Ugly Betty for Friday afternoons and watch it online while Sam is sleeping and the kids are at school.

Then it's Grey's Anatomy.

Then Lost.

I REALLY hate missing thursdays.

Friday: I catch up with what i can on Fridays. Like Ugly Betty. If i have enough time i catch My Name is Earl and the Office and whatever ones i missed throughout the week.

Saterday: Nothing on this day

Sunday: I send the kids to bed and watch Desperate Housewives. Then Dexter... my new guilty pleasure.

I try to work around it as much as possible. If i happen to miss a show, i'll catch it online sometime before the next episode. Unfortunately, some shows just aren't online... then i just cry. Then there are those times that TWO of my favorite shows come on at the same time. That just kills me... expecially thursdays. Now that Big Brother is just about over, i have a bit more time to kill doing other things.


Kim said...

oh jo!!! we are such kindred spirits!

Lori said...

hahaha....the only thing i was addicted to this year was biggest loser and its over so i have a free tv'm not a tv junkie just a puter and scrap junkie..haha..

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