Saturday, April 12, 2008

I fell off the blog wagon...

and apparently my family thought i may have died. I've been pre-occupied i guess. Busy with nothing and everything.

so..... let's play catch-up!

*The kids all got over their colds and stomach bug. The stomach bug only hit one of us, which of course, would have been Sam. The boy doesn't keep his fingers out of his mouth. And if i didn't know better, I'd say he probably picked it up from some nasty shopping cart... or even worse, ate something he shouldn't have. Which, if that did happen, it'd be quite ironic since we can't get the kid to eat anything! But we turn our back and he's eating rocks and dirt and whatever else he can find on the ground.

*I've been cooking. Fresh, home-cooked food... from scratch! So far it's been great. But i think i packed on about 10 more pounds since starting. DarRell loves me... or rather, really LOVES my cooking, but I'm not so sure I'm so in love with all these rolls i keep finding around my waist.

*I've been doing a bit of spring cleaning and also a bit of remodeling around the house. Not HUGE remodelings but more like additions to existing things. Like my pantry door is no longer just a door... it's a chalkboard! and a VERY cool one at that!

*I've been scanning in Mom and Dad's wedding pictures. Crazy how much i think my baby sister looks SO much like my mom! I actually tried to put a picture here but stupid Blogger has ideas of it's own and is NOT cooperating!

*The weather has finally warmed up. Even enough for me to chance taking Sam outside to play without fear of him getting sick again. I have HIGH hopes of getting the back yard ready for sod later this spring. So far we have cleaned out the garden and are in the process of moving the sand box to the apricot tree and building a tree house there for the kids. From there, we are going to put in the sprinkler system for the whole back yard and then hope and pray we've saved up enough $$ for sod. Like i said, high hopes but so far we are on track!

*Sadly enough, i haven't gotten much scrapping done. I've gotten a few done here and a few done there. Definitely not much progress though. I've really got to get in gear and finish up my Grandma's funeral pages. Although the smaller pages have got me a bit frustrated since I'm used to scrapping 12x12.


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