Wednesday, April 30, 2008

i learned from you & birthday plans!

A quick (ok, not so quick) layout i made of my mom and dad when they were first married.

I used the song "I Learned from You" by Miley Cyrus (but you'll most likely find it by Hannah Montana and is also the theme song for The Bridge to Tarabethia).

I made it as an example for TSoS for my music class that goes up tomarrow. I kinda like how it turned out. The paper is DEFINATELY not my style but it just really reminded me of that era (whether it really is or not i guess doesn't matter). I ended up liking it more and more as i went along.

I'm actually trying to use up as much of my monthly kits as i get them, including the stamps. I try and try to use my stamps as much as possible but i just don't like the way they look most times. I'm definatly going to have to take some lessons or something. But the cute little bird is part of the stamps that i got with this kit... super cute stamps but i just suck at stamping i guess.


Other news:
Sam turns the big 2! on Sunday. I can't beleive it! It's been the longest two years of my life and yet it's flown by too. We are going to celebrate it Saterday at the firehouse. Bethany's birthday is on the 3rd so we thought that we'd make it a combined birthday party. Truth be told... i almost forgot that his birthday was Sunday. I knew it was coming up but i didn't realize it was this weekend. A HUGE thank you to Maria for calling and asking what we were going to do. We had planned on having a birthday party but those plans would have totally failed if it wasn't brought to my attention that it was SO soon! We actually hadn't planned something because of that reason and because we didn't want to take away from Bethany since her birthday is the day before Sam's. When we were informed that they weren't doing anything too special for her, we though we'd combine the two birthdays and make it memorable... at least for me. So for those who don't already know that we are having Sam's and Bethany's birthday party Saterday... I'm sorry.

We are planning on getting Sam a cute little farm set. He loves the little guys and thought i'd be perfect for him. If i could find something with fish, he'd be in heaven but i can't think of anything with fish except for the real deal... and i'm just not going there right now.


Robs said...

GIRL - LOVE THIS LO - I want to know more - what paper is that - what are the letters - TELL ME TELL ME!!!

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