Friday, May 29, 2009


(beginning of the school year: August 19, 2008 and the ending of the school year: May 29, 2009)

Another school year has come to a close. I'm having a hard time believing that nine months have already come and gone.

Daylon has graduated from 5th grade and is now on his way up to middle school.

Rianne passed 1st grade with flying colors and is going to 2nd grade.

Both are a bit sad to be moving on, especially Rianne. She loved her teacher so much. Daylon loved the fact that they were able to do so much more this year in school than years past. Both are a bit worried about what the next year has in store. However, we are lucky enough to live in such a small town that I'm sure we'll be seeing lots of friends during the summer to keep things busy for them.

Now... if i can just keep the teasing at bay this summer.


Kim said...

love the b4 & after photos!!

Ness said...

Wow!!! Your daughter looks so much like Brandy in the after picture.

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