Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend
it was...

*Full of Family ~
DarRell's whole family was down, minus one sister and her family. That means all 8 of the 9 kids made it down. DarRell had a brother coming in from California, his baby sister coming in from Colorado and his other baby sister came down from SL. Add in the additional kids, grandkids,spouces,and cousins and you've got a mad house! We really wish Lyla could make it from NM. One of these days, everyone is going to be here at one time.

*Full of Food ~
We decided at the last minutes that we would host a BBQ here at out house Friday evening. I felt like that was the least I could do. We have the space, we have a big yard so why not? Turns out the weather had a different idea. We ended up moving it inside which turned out just as well. Although i wish i would have had a bit more of a cleaner house.

*Full of cruddy weather ~
It was overcast most of the weekend, which wasn't so bad. Off and on storms during the day, but rainy and cold in the evenings. It totally took the fun out of enjoying the evenings outside. Mother Nature couldn't have picked a lousier time to rain on our parade.

some of my favorite highlights of the weekend:

The kids, mostly Sam, looking for bugs... always looking for bugs.

Swimming with Uncle Mike at the Hotel

Food and Family

Birthday get togethers because there are just never enough


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what a fun looking weekend!!

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