Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

Today marked the end of The Shrinking Jeans, Shrink into Summer challenge. I admit, i haven't been keeping up on it like i should be. I didn't hit my goal during those two months. I was about 2.5 lbs off. I did however lose 7.4 pounds. And frankly a loss is a loss right? I didn't come out on top of what i started out as so i consider it a win.
Also, i earned this:

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

a while back. I honestly can't wait till i trade it in for a 20lb loss button. Just a few more pounds to go.
I beleive it's time to get back into the swing of things again. So, here go a few confessions:
*I haven't run for over 2 weeks now and i feel like i'm completely out of it.
In fact, i haven't done any exercising for quite some time now.
I'm in need of some serious motivation.
*I haven't done any tracking of points on WW for almost that long.
It's showing in my weight loss... or lack there of...
Tomarrow starts a new week. A perfect time to start new don't you think?
*I think i've given up on my goal to run/walk the 5 mile milk run in July.
It seems so beyond my reach right now.
*I just bought 2 bags of puffy Cheetos yesterday.
Sadly, that's all i had for dinner last night too (although i didn't eat the whole bag(s))
*I'm finding that with the warmer weather also comes a greater challenge to eat right.
I've got summer cravings coming in hard, and most of them aren't exactly the best. I'm hoping that once my garden starts throwing out it's bounty, things will get easier.
So... that's it, i guess. I'm a bit frustrated with my lack of motivation right now. I'm hoping that swift kick in the rear end is in my near future, i could really use it.


april said...

Great job on the button! I can't wait to get my 10lb one! No worries about your goals, it sounds like you're ready to get back on track! You'll have that 20lb button soon!

Kim said...

WOW JO! just consider this a break & start back fresh today! I am hoping to come back from the lake w/that same attitude on Monday :) you do so good when you do it!

Emilie Peterson said...

Way to go Jo! 7.4 lbs is great!!

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