Sunday, May 24, 2009

Grow Blossom Bloom DANCE!

Elite Street Dance Company

Rianne - Jazz and Lyrical Ballet

Daylon - Boys and Girls Hip Hop

Rianne - Mini Hip Hop Girls
Thursday marked the end of dance season around here. 9 months of weekly practices came down to this. And it turned out GREAT! I'm bummed that i didn't get to see much of the other dances since Rianne had so many costume changes, but what i did see was really good. I guess it should have been really good, the older girls have taken 1st place in so many compitions lately this year.

Here are a few more pictures of the evening:
Rianne - Lyrical Ballet

Rianne - Mini Hip Hop Girls*
"Can't Touch This"

Daylon - Boys and Girls Hip Hop
"Wall to Wall"

Rianne - Jazz
"Let's Dance"

Rianne - Mini Hip Hop Girls*
"Funky Cold Medina"
*(These four cute little girls got the award for the being the shakeist... those girls can move their stuff! It was GREAT!)


Jessica, Skippy and the Crew said...

The pictures are soo cute!!

Emilie Peterson said...

I loved watching your kids dance! Rianne is so sassy I love it!

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