Thursday, September 10, 2009

Femont Indain State Park - Week #2

Because one week just wasn't enough

We decided that there was SO much more up there that we wanted to see, we headed back up there the next weekend. We hit 6 points of intrest this time. Three of which were new to us. But we got to see stuff we missed the first time which was really nice.

  • took the Parade of Rock Art Trail/Court of Ceremonies backwards this time and ended up findingn the Hidden Secrets Trail...{i'm assuming this was one of the "hidden secrets". Very very cool!}

...the end of Coyote trail and one of the trail heads of the Alma Christensen Trail that ends up by the visitors center (Points of Interst #5-8 and then some){a hunting scene on the "Parade of Rock Art Trail" that we missed last time because we took off on another trail}

  • Point of Intrest #11: the Picnic Grounds and Centennial Cabin where we had lunch in the trees by the river.
  • {pretend we got some great pictures here}
  • Point of Intrest #2: Canyon of Life {a pretty intersting story that goes with this point of interest along with some pretty clear petroglyphs. This one was on the right side of the canyon. The ones on the left side of the canyon, we weren't able to locate this time}

There is just so much to see, even now after being there twice (actually three times... see the next post). Definately something to keep going back for.


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very cool jo!

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