Sunday, September 13, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

WOW! can you say a big busy weekend?
Maria and Justin took the kids (plus Tory but minus Sam) for the weekend for Justin's Be-lated birthday gift to himself (is that really what it was? cause it really felt like a gift to us) and it so happened to be the long Labor Day Weekend that worked out the best for us all. The kids got their weekend with Maria and Justin and we got time to go visit friends and my parents.

After finding out all the stuff that they were going to do with the kids, we didn't want to miss all the fun either so we tagged along for part of their weekend.
Here is what we/they ended up doing all weekend:

  • Friday: it was Maria's birthday, so we stuck around to wait till Justin got off work. To kill time we vegged out at Cabela's for a couple of hours and then had pizza and cake with Maria and Justin
  • Saturday: Thanksgiving Point @ the Museum of Ancient Life to see the Dinosaur exhibits (which happens to also be world's largest dinosaur exhibit!) and watch the Dolphins and Whales 3D film. I loved watching the kids experience a REAL 3D film (and it was just as amazing for me cause i've never seen a REAL one either!).

{Tory and Daylon checking out the fossils}

{Daylon and his favorite fossil}

{I loved all the staged photos. The kids put a lot of work into it}

{they even got Sam in on the action!}

We went out for lunch, which was great! Later on, while Justin was watching the big BYU game, Maria took the kids to Gateway Discovery. I snagged all her pictures from there since we didn't go. The kids had a TON of fun and are still talking about it.

{Daylon making movies with his one big eye}

{Even Tory loved it!}

{Rianne doing what she loves most... being with the horses}
  • Sunday: I'm not exactly sure what the kids did on Sunday but i did hear that they got to go see UP. From what i hear, it's a must see movie
  • Monday: We met back up with Maria and Justin at the Utah Museum of Natural History to see the "Toadally Frogs" display along with their other perminant displays. I had no idea that they had so much there to look at!

{awesome circular aquarium with a hole in the middle so you could see all around you}

{one of my favorite frogs}

{bless Maria's heart. She saved Sam so many times from a frustrated dad that we couldn't count any more}

We headed to the Gateway for lunch (mmmm... Applebee's) and to hang out at the fountain, which broke down just as the kids were getting ready to go play in it. It was a complete bummer for the kids.

We ran back to Maria and Justin's to pick up the kids and their gear and head home. Apparently we wore Maria and Justin right out. Maria was crashed on the couch and Justin was about out himself.
We hope they weren't too much trouble.

We can't thank you enough for taking on the kids like this. We appreciate the patience you have for our kids. And the kids love to spend time with you both. We love that you guys are able to show and do things with them that we aren't able to. Thanks for making this something that the kids will always remember.
You guys rock!


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