Saturday, September 19, 2009

I love this time of year.
The leaves start to change...
The weather starts to get a bit cooler...
Football season starts...

WHAT? I don't keep up on football?
Nope... i don't.
I could if i put a little effort into it.
But really, it's not on the top of my to-do list.
It's not even in the top 100... sorry.

BUT... it is that time of year when the little kids are invited by the highschool drill team, to do a half-time dance during one of the home football games.
Every year Rianne signs up. And every year it's been a kinda "hit-and-miss" sort of thing.
Last year was one of those kinda "miss" years.
Right after she signed up, she ended up with the flu and missed the whole week of practice and still wasn't feeling up to even going to see the girls dance.

This year happened to be a "hit" year.
We've spent every day after school for a week at practice for this one night of dance. Those few minutes of half time chaos.
Just one night of dance and i missed it.
It was all a miscomunication really and his intentions were good.
But i didn't get to see it, and that really bummed me out.
He said he took pictures, this is the only one that worked out naturally.
And... he had really good intentions. So, of course i forgive him.
But i missed it... and there will always be next year.
BTW... South Sevier won AGAIN!!! Undefeated BABY!
Really... i'm not keeping up on the football but isn't that just awesome all the same??!!!


The Peterson Press said...

Oh Jo I am sorry you missed it. The girls danced so cute!! Brynn loved helping her at the practices. She is so dang cute!!

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