Wednesday, September 9, 2009

so much to catch up on... AGAIN!

but... i couldn't let the day pass without sharing pictures of my little man on his first day of pre-school! He's been waiting for this day since the other two started school, 2 1/2 weeks ago. It snuck up on me so fast that i spaced that he needed a backpack and so we scoured the house through. The only pack we could find that didn't drown him out was a cute little hot pink and pretty blue Scooby-Doo of Rianne's (actually a hand-me-down from cute little Ali!).
He was pretty excited to have it and wanted nothing more.
Even when i brought him home his own little backpack when i went to town this afternoon.
I guess we're sticking with the cute little pink and blue backpack .

All in all, preschool is a hit. Especially for the treats!


Kim said...

it is so not possible!!! wow getting all grown up *sigh*

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