Friday, October 12, 2007

a bit of a family reunion

How cute is this little family???? Gosh i miss them so much! This is my baby sister and her two cute girls and her newest little man! Now all we are missing is her hubby (who I'm assuming is taking the picture).

It was great to open my mailbox this morning and see these pictures of them! The girls are getting SO big and well, little Zachary, wasn't so little when he was born!

I love getting pictures from my family. It seem that this is the only way i get to see them most times. So if you are reading this... send more!!!!

Ashley with her baby brother. Adorable Hailey.
And the new addition, Zachary

They sent these awesome pictures of the Balloon Fiesta in NM! I'm sooo jealous. I want to go see that SOOOO bad. Till then, I guess i live vicariously through her. Someday we'll make it out there. The kids would absolutely love it! But of course it always lands during school... but maybe one of these days, we'll take a much-needed vacation and visit... even if it means yanking them out of school for a day or two.
I can only imagine how incredibly awesome it is to have that many hot air balloons go up around you..... absolutely amazing!
And i love how they are all different kinds. Like all the cartoon characters and stuff like that.

I may have to start pulling on DarRell's ear. I'd really love to see this. And since his sister lives out there and my sister lives out there, there really isn't a reason why we shouldn't go visit more often. Well, other than the fact that life gets in the way by way of work, school, sickness, etc.


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