Sunday, October 14, 2007

finially some progress, Saterday morning, and sit-down together family meals

* GREAT progress on the basement! We got one bedroom completely ready for sheetrock (one more bedroom, the bathroom, and the family room to go). All plumbing and wiring ready in the basement for a washer AND a dryer. Everything completely framed, finially. And all wiring run... i think.

* having all three kids snuggle up with us in bed Saterday morning... after a GREAT night sleep.

* getting the kitchen table cleaned off so we can finially have sit-down together family meals. I've forgotten how much i love to just sit at the table and talk after dinner, even if the dinner isn't so pleasing to everyone.


Kim said...

YAHOOOOOOOOOO loving #1!!! a little productivity sure goes a long way doesn't it?

Marci said...

Gotcha!'re it!!

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