Tuesday, October 30, 2007

the project that finially came to a end...

WHOOOHOOOO!!! Lookie here: Scrap The Girls (if you can't figure out which one is mine... it's the first one). I'm sooo excited to have another layout featured here! I've waited so long to share the news that I'm surprised it's still there.

Long time no posting. I know, I've slacked. I've been busy though. I finally got my scrap room finished up!!!!! I'm so excited!!! Orange walls. White bead board. Lots of sheet metal. Magnets galore. Wall to wall shelving. And lots of room. I'm really loving it.

I've ordered a vinyl saying for the one full wall that doesn't have anything on it. It's going to say:

Never be limited by other people's limited imaginations ~ Mae Jemison

Daylon actually picked it out and we thought it would work great in my scrap room. So, now I'm just waiting on them to finish it for me.

I'll post pictures here soon. Just trying to tidy up a bit after moving all my stuff back in. I thought that would be the easy part but it's amazing all the stuff i have and even more amazing that with all the new shelving and stuff I've bought for the room, it still doesn't seem like enough.

* great neighbors that make living where we are, bearable in the worst of times.
* everyone having their front porches alive with pumpkins, carved or uncarved... it doesn't matter.
*a beautiful (basket-ed?) plant sitting on my table reminding us of all the green that used to be outside.


Kim said...

whohooooooo productivity! wow finished! you rock!! cannot wait to see it :)
CONGRATS on the LO too!!!! yay

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