Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fire Safety Week

It was fire safety week at the Elementary school this last week. Rianne's Kindergarten class took a little walk down to the firestation on thursday. Since DarRell was working in town that day, he snuck away from work to spend the day with the morning (with Talmage and a bunch of Rianne's friends) and afternoon (Rianne's class) Kindergarten classes at the firehouse. I snuck down there durning Rianne's class to take pictures of her with her dad.

It's so cute to see how proud Rianne is of her dad in front of all her classmates! Her dad had been a firefighter for so long now that it's just a everyday thing now. But when it's something big like this, she beams all over the place.

And can i just mention at how sexy DarRell is in his turnouts? Even with the fact that he hadn't shaved for a couple of days and he was in his old dirty work clothes, watching him with all of those little kindergarten kids all dressed up just makes my insides do a little pitter-patter dance. There's nothing like a man in uniform!

Here's the rest of the pictures i took:


Kim said...

JOOOOOOOOOO WHAT FAB PHOTOS!!!!!!! lovin all o them!!! tfs

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