Friday, October 5, 2007


Can you believe it!!???? Daylon's first year playing organized soccer and his team makes it to the championships!!!! First game went into overtime after a amazing game. His second game was played immediately afterwards. It went into overtime and then into sudden death. They lost by one goal and the kids took it a bit too hard. But they made 2nd place! And to me, that totally rocks! It was a edge-of-the-seat, gut-wrenching game the whole time and those kids totally deserved it... they worked their tales off!!!

Their trophy's are awesome! they have a spinning soccer ball on it and they have optical illusions of shooting stars. The first place trophy's were exactly the same only a little bit bigger.

I'm sure they'll be in the newspaper (at least I'm HOPING they'll put the 2nd place winners there too). I wished i had my camera there but i didn't realize that this was the FINAL games. So i did what i could and used my cell-phone camera. I wanted one of the whole team but i didn't realize that my phone was FULL (thanks to Sam. I gave him my phone to keep him busy during the games and he used up all the photo space on the phone) and i had to delete a ton before i could take any pictures. I ended up with one of just him. And even though it's a crappy one....... it's totally a keeper!!!!!! I just can't be prouder of the little man!

I'm really sad that DarRell missed it. I guess that was my fault since my dad came down to go hunting and decided to go up on the mountain last night. i didn't exactly want my dad up there by himself so DarRell stayed the night with him. I know he's going to feel bad not being able to see Daylon play, especially the championships. I did send him the picture though trying to make up for it. I'm hoping that he doesn't feel like I'm grinding it in.

So......... here's to you Daisy Daylon!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!


Kim said...

WHOHOOOOO DAY!! such a lil man! I do love that pose :)

Lisa said...

HUGE congrats!!!!

MichelleStrachan said...

Yay, Daylon! Congrats!

Kerri said...

YAY Daylon!!! That just ROCKS! Congrats, kiddo!!!

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