Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My baby is 2!

I can't believe it. My baby, my last baby... forever... just turned two! Crazy how things have change since having Sam. I'm a emotional mess... all the time. I've got grey hair (i really don't want to HAVE to dye my hair but isn't early 30's a little young to be sporting natural grey?). I think i aged 7 years over the last 2 years (this last year was quite the doozie). And all because a beautiful little guy named Sam. And, he's the best! Complete with ear to ear smiles, crocodile tears and raging tantrums.

OK - on to the birthday party. It was great. DarRell reserved the firehouse again. I'm so glad we have that option now. I just couldn't see having the party in my messy house this time around. We had a good turnout with Grandma and Grandpa Payne. Jody, Wayne and Tory. Perry and RaDawn. Colleen, Hayes and Wyatt. Maria and Justin. Michelle, Andy and Kole. The other birthday girl was a no-show but i guess they ended up having their own plans that night, which was too bad, but i hope they had lots of birthday fun.

Sam ran around like a madman all night long. We had huge punch ball balloons out for the kids and Sam LOVED them. He ran around all night long throwing and kicking them around. I was surprised at Sam knowing how to blow out the candles. He didn't need much for prompting and had the candles blown out before i could even get a picture. We ended up lighting them a couple of times so i could get just one quick shot of him blowing them out.
I made cupcakes with a fish theme since he has a huge love of fish right now. When it actually came to eating the fish candies... he wasn't so thrilled (although those pure sugar candy things really are kinda nasty).

He made out like a bandit when it came to gifts. Lots of great boy toys and he loved every single one of them (Daylon and Rianne do too). All three kids spent Sunday hitting baseballs into the street, mowing the lawn with his musical (could it be possible that this toy lawnmower is louder than a real one? i think so) lawnmower. Playing farm with his new little people legos and begging to get out the water toys because it's "too hot" not to. The last few evenings Sam has spent the tub playing fish with his new tub fishing toys.

Oddly enough, even the pez dispenser was a HUGE hit! He's still flying from the pez sugar high! He is now driving the new pez around in his jeep along with the old easter pez people.

Here are the rest of my pictures from the evening. I'm really wishing i had gotten more.


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